Big Art Peters

Quit Horsing Around

Format: CD
Stil: Rockabilly / Psychobilly
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1-Hootin And Howlin 2-Rubber Room 3-Prehistoric Plateau 4-Grown Up Evil 5-Hoppin Mad 6-Cold Hard Facts Of Live 7-On The Trail 8-God And Chips 9-Psycho 10-Don t Wanna Get Thin 11-Tumbleweed 12-Punk Rock 13-Girl From Hell 14-The Girl, The Soldier And The Trucker 15-Three Legged Ben 16-Corinna Corinna 17-The Balladeer (2010/RHYTHM BOMB) 17 tracks, solid mixture of Rockabilly and Country Rock, feat. Tex Morton on the guitar. Big Art Peters who s real name is Arturo Bassick originally comes from the Punk music and was the frontman of the Lurkers who hit the british Top 40 charts five times between 1977 and 1979! This album is definitely nothing for authentic 50s Rock & Roll purists but for those of you who dig good Country and Rock music! Last but not least all songs except three of em are own compositions! And don t worry this is NO PUNK Rock album! Großartiger Rockabilly/Punk/Honky Tonk/Psycho-Party Mix mit hohem Kult Faktor. Sleepy LaBeef meets the Cramps


01. Hootin And Howlin
02. Rubber Room
03. Prehistoric Plateau
04. Grown Up Evil
05. Hoppin Mad
06. Cold Hard Facts Of Live
07. On The Trail
08. God And Chips
09. Psycho
10. Don t Wanna Get Thin
11. Tumbleweed
12. Punk Rock
13. Girl From Hell
14. The Girl, The Soldier And The Trucker
15. Three Legged Ben
16. Corinna Corinna
17. The Balladeer