- Conditioned (Omu)

Conditioned (Omu)

Format: DVD
Stil: Special Interest / Documentary
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Frankreich Edition, PAL/Region 0 DVD: TON: Türkisch ( Dolby Digital Stereo ), Deutsch ( Untertitel ), Englisch ( Untertitel ), Französisch ( Untertitel ), BONUSMATERIAL: Biographien, Broschüre, FormMannschaft Interview(s), Szene Zugang, Wechselwirkendes Menü, SYNOPSIS: CONDITIONED is a DVD compilation of eight experimental film and video art from Turkey that explores the intellectual conditioning of children and teenagers through both the educational system and contemporary Turkish society at large. Through a variety of styles and approaches, each of these works elude to the conditioning of youth including references to the seemingly innocent daily repetition of the national anthem (The First Ones by Hatice Guleryuz), more violent military methods (Origin by Erkan Ozgen), and social injustice (Our village by Sener Ozmen). From the privacy of home (A young girl is growing up by Ferhat Ozgur) to public spaces (On the thin ice de Burak Kaygun), several processes are at play, subtly or directly, through the women s prison featured in Koro by Guldem Durmaz or the school in Where Bluebirds fly by Berat Isik. Beyond that lies a reflection on the impact of the world and on the development of an individual such as with the video Delirium by Ethem Ozguven confronting the mechanisms of the consumer society and its psychological consequences. Curated by Yekhan Pinarligil & Silke Schmickl. ...Conditioned ( The First Ones / Koro / Our Village / On The Thin Ice / Delirium / Origin / A Young Girl Is Growing Up / Where Bluebirds Fly )